Learning safe driving skill will last for the whole life time. At San Francisco School, we want our students to implement Defensive Driving Techniques. Our courses would cover all topics which includes:


   - Orientation to the vehicle

   - Driving Responsibility

   - Driving Strait & Turns

   - Rules and Regulation of the road

   - Driving in Traffic

   - Changing Lane in traffic

   - Pedestrian & Bicyclist Rights

   - Backing Up

   - Parking (Parallel parking, etc…)

   - U turns and turns about

   - Freeway or Highway



By law, Students must have either a PERMIT, a TEMPORARY LICENCE, or a LICENSE in order to start drivers training.

For students who are under 17 1/2. You must have completed drivers education and enrolled into drivers training in order to get a permit. (Enrolled into drivers training means signing up for drivers training and get a white form from us to show to the DMV but without starting the course until you have pass a written test.


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